XPS Network Update – Release Notes

General improvements:

  • The folder categorization of drills in pie charts is now based on the Selected Account.
  • It is now possible to insert all sorts of files as attachments in the content for documents and files.
  • Foods and recipes can now be viewed in Communication.
  • In workout plans and some other places the following changes have been made:
    • When the user inputs text in a time field with just one “:”, it is interpreted depending on the unit of the attribute. Examples:
      • “1:01” seconds is 61 seconds.
      • “1:01” minutes is 61 seconds.
      • “1:01” hours is 61 minutes and will immediately be shown as “1:01:00”.
    • When showing time values that are note a whole number of time units and less than one unit of the time unit above, the text shown always has seconds as the last number before the decimal separator. Examples:
      • 61 seconds is always shown as “1:01”.
      • 61 minutes is always shown as “1:01:00”.
    • An exception from this is the time format on charts, which is still something like “1h:30m”.

The following problems have been fixed:

  • Folders in Collections could not be copied.
  • Soccer (European football) registration view reversed the half time score for the away team.
  • The AVG Antivirus software prevented the XPS Network from updating itself.
  • When using the arrow buttons on top of the client calendar when focusing on one day, sessions (workouts, meals, practices, games) would sometimes not be displayed.
  • DNS Workaround: Those who have been unable to log on due to an “UnknownHostException” should now be able to do so.
  • When using other people’s Collections it was impossible to drag and drop onto workouts and practices.
  • If you opened a practice before opening your first workout, there would be additional and useless buttons above the collections when you opened your first workout.
  • When adding test results in Communication, the chart and table would not be updated there unless something else was selected.
  • When a practice, workout or game contained nothing but a carriage return (enter) in notes, printing the schedule in session search failed.

Golf training:

  • The golfer no longer gets a 4-m-from-hole credit if the green is not in regulation.
  • The default width of the golf round window on Mac computers has been increased from 960 to 1200 pixels, if the screen can accommodate it.
  • In the Heat Map, the location on the green is now relative to the flag and not absolute like before.
  • The flag can no longer be dragged out of the green zone.
  • The golfer no longer gets a 4-m-from-hole credit for a stroke that originated on the green.
  • On par 5 holes, the golfer only has to hit the fairway in the first stroke to get a fairway hit credit. Before he had to hit it in the first 2 strokes.
  • The following defect has been fixed: If the green was in regulation, but then the golfer used something else than the putter on the green, he/she would not get the Green-In-Regulation-credit.
  • The following defect has been fixed: If the flag was dragged too far away from the hole, the Golf Statistics would freeze.

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