XPS Network Update – Release Notes

Minor update release for XPS Network / Sideline Video Analyzer (SVA)

New features:

  • SVA: Game Window Keyboard shortcuts are now configurable. You can configure this in the Video Settings window.
    • Update: The shortcut bugs has now been fixed in the Analyzer. Now Stop tagging opens up the Formula window and shortcut changes are saved between restarts.
  • SVA: Game Window can now be undocked on Mac as is possible on Windows.


  • XPS: Linked PDF documents now work on Mac.
  • XPS: Collection Import operation no longer imports deleted items.
  • XPS: Switching between coworkers in collections caused folder insertions to create empty spaces. This has been fixed.
  • SVA: Formulas import window is now back to normal.
  • SVA: Cut and merged clips now work better when uploaded to internet.

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