XPS Network Update – Release Notes

Whew, big release. Summary of new features:

  • Plan workouts with building blocks
  • A proper Mac application
  • Export animations as MP4 videos in Playbook
  • New player signs in Playbook (indoor sports)
  • Sideline Video Analyzer – Mac version!
  • Easier way to convert videos to MP4 and join them together
  • Easier for coaches to work together in the Sideline Video Analyzer.

Now, read on for more details!

Workout Planning New Feature:

Use “building blocks” in your workout planning.

A big thank you to the coaches in Global Throwing – www.globalthrowing.com – who helped us with input on this feature. All individual sports / strength & conditioning coaches can look forward to more exiting new features that we are working on in this area.

Click here to see how it works.

Improvement for Mac Customers:

With the newer editions of the Mac OS, we have had some reports from customers that had trouble running their Sideline XPS from the shortcuts they had saved to their computers. So we created a Mac app which can be downloaded from here:


Playbook New Feature:

Export animations to MP4 video. For the trainers who create animations, you have to check this out!

Click here to see how it works.

Playbook Addition:

New signs were added for indoor sports. You have to make them available in your Sign Collection Library.

Click here to see how it works.

Playbook Bug Fixes:

A bug was fixed that caused some trainers to be unable to change the size of player signs.

A bug was fixed so text boxes are now copied as well as other signs when frames are duplicated.

Sideline Video Analyzer Mac Version!

Finally we have a proper Mac version for the Sideline Video Analyzer. If you have a license, please download and install the application from here: www.sidelinesports.com/xps

Login as usual and enjoy working straight from your Mac. The only difference from the Windows version is that it only supports MP4 videos.

Yes, it works offline too!

Sideline Video Analyzer New Feature:

For both Windows and Mac, we have made it easier to convert videos or DVDs to MP4.

Click here to see how it works.

Sideline Video Analyzer New Feature:

For coaches that work in groups with analysis, we have made it easier to link to videos. All coaches who work in the Analyzer in groups should check this out.

Click here to see how it works.

Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

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