XPS Network Update – Release Notes

Dear customers. Here are some new things you can find in your Sideline XPS and Video Analyzer. Just a brief summary now, but we’ll blog more about the new features soon.

New features – General

  • New iPhone version for XPS Clients. Looks better on iPhone5 and adds a shortcut to go quickly between exercises while registering training results. Great for those using the XPS for a training diary.
  • Message templates in the Communication section. Great feature for personal trainers and other trainers who want to systematize part of their messages.

New features – Playbook

  • Hot-spot drawing feature.
  • Automated Animation-to-MP4 video export possibility.
  • Customized paths. More possibilities of creating paths and easier to use shortcuts to select the exact path you want to use.
  • Ice Hockey has been upgraded to the new version.
  • New path for handball to represent running with ball.

Fixes and improvements – General

  • Updated Content Editor. Opens up faster and contains many small improvements.
  • Fixed defect: Practice plans created from a template in the last few weeks with a split section in the beginning didn’t work properly.
  • Fixed defect: Multiselection made in calendar or grid programs on Mac sometimes stopped working.
  • Fixed defect in Import -> Merge into my collection: Folders would not be inserted in right locations.
  • Fixed defect: Missing calories in Australian recipes in the Food database.

Fixes and improvements – Sideline Video Analyzer

  • Change: “Cancel Recording” shortcut now means “Add Event”
  • Fixed defect: Some videos on Mac (not playable by Quicktime) could only be loaded by the game window if no video had been loaded before. For the customers who noticed this, the experience was probably that the video window didn’t open the video when opened for the second time.
  • Fixed defect: Query wizard would not find events when searching for player-based tree attributes.
As well as other minor bug fixes and improvements. Hope you enjoy the new update! Please let us know if you have any questions by sending email to support@sidelinesports.com

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