XPS Network Update – Release Notes

We just released a new version of the XPS Network. Aside from bug-fixes, we hope you will notice that the help material has been improved quite a bit.

Keep giving us feedback, all of the problems fixed in this release were based on user feedback. Thanks!


  • All Help Material has been updated and made more accessible from within the XPS.
  • Playbook: New FIBA courts for european basketball coaches.

Problems that have been fixed:

  • A few users had problems saving PDF files in the Playbook, that has been fixed.
  • Some other minor bug-fixes in the Playbook.
  • Some defects have been fixed regarding workout plans based on test percentages.
  • A bug that caused the XPS to freeze up when dragging and dropping collection-items linked to website on Mac computers has been fixed.
  • Character encoding issues when text was imported from MS Word and uploaded have been resolved.
  • If you created a folder with no contents in Master Plan, it was not saved. This has been fixed.
  • Session Search did not work properly for trainers in a few countries. Scroll was not shown in lists for athletes/clients and you couldn’t check them all with one action. This has been fixed.

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