XPS Network Update – Release Notes

Release notes:

  • More powerful messaging system
    • Also available in the iPhone app (important to update to version 1.4 of the app to get this functionality).
    • Sending a message to many clients can be done by right clicking a message and selecting “Sent to more people”.
  • Groups can now be organized into folders.
  • New access possibility in Roles: Category Access. Gives possibility of sharing specific top-level folders in collections with trainers or clients/athletes.
  • Trainers on the XPS Network can now share the Document Collection with clients.
  • “Import All” button in the IMPORT-window in Collections.
  • “Send to Communication” is now called “Share with Client/Athlete”.
  • Expiration date is shown for clients/athletes in User Management on XPS Network.
  • Soccer Match Reports
    • Grade Column added to Soccer Reports.
    • A button on the bottom bar to add the current players of the group(s) to the list.
  • Sideline Video Analyzer
    • View Clips Special can play each clip many times.
    • Playlist is now less likely to be halted when people jump a bit outside of a clip.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

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