XPS Network Update – Release Notes

What is not shown here is actually what we’ve been spending most our time on. The iPhone and Android versions for the clients and athletes. The iPhone version will be sent to Apple on Monday after some last testing during the weekend. We are crossing our fingers, hoping that the Apple review will be successful and that the review process will not take more than two weeks or so.

The Android version has come very far along too and will be ready this summer.

We also have some exciting developments which we’re not quite ready to announce, but you will get to know more soon on the blog and Twitter.

Now, for the updates the last couple of months. We will create instructional videos that go through the changes as well, but until then, please join our webinars if you have any questions: Webinars

New features:

  • Radar Chart Tests have been added.
  • Clients can now insert an image of themselves that will be shown when they are focused by their trainers.
  • An overview tab has been added to Programs. This is auto-generated and especially helpful in the case of grid-like programs.
  • Inserted videos are now converted automatically on Mac computers as well as Windows.
  • New fields/pitches and player signs have been added to the Soccer Playbook.
  • Users can override more in the public collections:
    • Content for Tests, Programs, Drills and Exercises can be changed or they can be linked to new websites.
    • Workout properties (attributes and percentages of tests) of Drills and exercises can be changed
    • Drill Appearance can be changed
  • All uploaded videos are now converted automatically with a smartphone profile.
  • UK Food nutrient database has been added to the XPS Network.

General improvements:

  • Exercise Properties have been changed
    • It’s easier to choose the attributes to be measured.
    • On the XPS Network, users can manage their own Activity Templates.
  • Changes to Labels and Locations of workouts, games and practices:
    • The Session Settings have been removed.
    • The most recently used Labels and Locations are automatically remembered and offered in the lists.
  • Changes to food community
    • There is no longer one community for each country.
    • USDA has been added to the community
  • The USDA nutrition database has been updated.
  • The German/Austrian BLS nutrition database has been updated.
  • Since the appearance of public exercises and tests can be changed, they can no longer be used on clients’ workouts unless they come from a Collection owned by a direct trainer with edit privileges.
  • Time attributes that have seconds as a preferred unit are formatted as a simple number up to 90 seconds now. So 89 seconds is “89” and 90 seconds is 0:01:30”.
  • The small charts for nutritents in Calendar and Meal Plan now show values per average day when viewing many days. This is the “Energy Ratio”, “Fat Type Ratio” and “Total Nutritional Values”.
  • The pie charts in Nutrition – Workspace now show average daily values.
  • In the XPS Client and when a client/athlete is focused in an XPS Trainer, Energy Burning can be registered via the calendar pop up menu (if nutrition is supported).
  • The popup menu in Collections has been reorganized.
  • The splitters/dividers between different areas of the system should behave more appropriately now; both their initial location and when being dragged.
  • On the XPS Network, since public collections can be changed, the Restore Deleted Personal Items window has been changed:
    • It includes removed public things unless they were removed before this release.
    • The window is now called “Restore Deleted Items”.
  • When a trainer tries to view client notes on the XPS Network without a connection to the Internet, the program handles it more appropriately.


  • When an old game is opened, the players that have been added to the group since last time are added to the list of possible participants.
  • Match Reports can be viewed or even changed for games owned by co-trainers if they give the necessary privileges to the group and team sessions.
  • Trainers can now allow their co-trainers to create and edit their external soccer teams. This is done by giving sufficient access to Team Sessions.

Problems that have been fixed:

  • On some accounts, test results could not be viewed for a few days. This has been fixed.
  • The Playbook-Sign Collection could not be opened on Windows computers with a specific setup. This has been fixed.
  • Some uploaded pdf-files had broken web-links. They have been fixed.
  • A lack of refresh in Soccer Match Statistics when selecting an account has been fixed.
  • Various other minor bug have been fixed as well.

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