XPS Network | TOP 10 Updates of 2021!

The year 2021 has been another turbulent period in many ways! Throughout the whole year we were aiming to be one of the few stable things in your season and we kept updating the XPS Network features for you! Check out the summary of our TOP10 2021 updates featuring the new XPS Messages platform, handy tools in Presenter and Analyzer and an option to link XPS to your personal Calendar! 


XPS Messages Update | XPS Tutorials


Drawing Tools in Presenter & Analyzer | XPS Tutorials


Link XPS to your Calendar | XPS Tutorials


New Drawing Interface | XPS Analyzer


Training Load Monitoring | XPS Tutorials


Session Templates | XPS Tutorial


XPS Collections Thumbnail Design


Import from Data Volley | XPS Tutorial


Online Video Feature | XPS Analyzer


Desktop Homepage Design


XPS Phone App | Overview Video




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