“XPS is a superglue which connects everything together” | Alex Sarama

XPS Stories are back after a short summer break! This time we have met with Basketball Immersion and College Basket coach Alex Sarama, who right in the heart of the XPS basketball community: “I’m really pleased to be using XPS Network with both Basketball Immersion and College Basket. XPS is an all-encompassing platform that integrates all aspects of a program in a seamless and coordinated way.” Check out Alex’s exciting all-round work with XPS in the most recent XPS stories episode. 


Our newest basketball case study has been release just 8 months after we have revealed the “best kept secret in basketball” – the partnership of Sideline Sports and Basketball Immersion. 


“No other coaching platform provides this type of value”

Chris Oliver, Founder Basketball Immersion:

“It’s the perfect match with our content and experience integrated with the top technology for coaches in XPS. No other basketball coaching education platform provides this type of value and we have much in store. We’re excited about developing this partnership.”

Basketball Immersion: Worldwide project

Basketball Immersion has members from all over the world and from all levels of basketball. As a member you have access to 600+ videos updated weekly, an interactive mastermind group, basketball decision training, small-sided games and much more. All now available in the XPS Desktop and XPS Mobile apps.



“We want to combine the best coaching education expertise with our technology solutions”

Agust Thorkelsson, CEO Sideline Sports:

We’re always looking for cooperations where we can help coaches by combining the best coaching education expertise with our technology solutions.

We found a great partner in Basketball Immersion with it’s vibrant community of coaches, enthusiasm and professionalism. We really look forward being members and contributing to this community.”


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