XPS Client now available in App Store

We’re happy to announce that the first version of the XPS Client app has been approved by Apple and is available in the App Store for all iPhone/iPad users.

You can find it by searching for “xps”, “sideline” or “Sideline Sports”.

Now, just a few words on who the app is for and what can be done with it in this first version release.

This is the XPS Client app. That means it’s for athletes and clients. An XPS Trainer app will come later. So if you try to login with your trainer credentials, you will simply get a “Incorrect Credentials” message.

The app is free for all XPS Client users.

This is version 1.0 of the app. We had to cut out some of the features we wanted to have in it (which are of course being worked on for the next major version release).

This is what clients and athletes can do in the first version:

– Register their food intake.

– Create custom foods.

– Keep a favorite list of foods.

– See statistics on the distribution of their energy intake and compare it to their daily need.

– See workout plans with all exercises, notes, inline comments.

– See videos and other information about exercises.

– Mark workouts as completed.

– Change the details of workouts, for example, the sets, weights, reps, etc. or any other attribute that was on the exercise in the workout.

– Everything that is registered is synchronized to the server, so if you login to your XPS Client on the computer, you will see all the data, and be able to analyze it there.

– And the trainers who are connected to clients or athletes, see the registered data as well, right away.

What cannot be done:

– Create workouts from scratch in the phone. The workouts need to come from the server (created by a trainer or by a client in his/hers computer).

– Communication features did not make it into this release.

We hope the app serves you well! We’ve had alot of feedback from our testers, now we hope to get a lot of feedback from everybody else too.

And for the Android users, we have come very far with the Android version too.

Exciting times!

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