What’s NEW: October 2020

Big update for Forms/Questionnaires

We’re sure you’ve noticed the modern look of the new forms and how fast they open up. What you might not have noticed is how you can now use conditional navigation.

You can see a simple example of this in the Covid-19 form. If athletes answer “No” to Covid-19 symptoms on the first step of the form they don’t have to go further. You can see how to build navigation like this in the tutorial here below on how to build the Covid-19 form.

VIDEO: How to create Covid-19 forms & reports


VIDEO: Covid-19 forms example


Mark athletes absent for extended periods

You can now mark athletes absent for an extended periods in case of long-term injury or sickness. The feature update marks the player absence from all the future trainings during the estimated recovery time.


Attendance statistics for Teams/Groups

The attendance feature has focused on single athlete attendance, but its update now allows you to easily and quickly see information about training groups and their attendance comparison as well.


Use drill collection colors in Training Overview pie chart

The colors in the Training Overview pie chart are no longer random. If you are using different colors for your drill collections, you can now match them to the pie chart colors in settings.


Limit how many days into the future athletes or family members can see their agenda / calendar schedule

If you prefer a long-term planning as a coach, you can now set a limit of how many days into the future your athletes or family members actually see the agenda in their calendar.


Terms of use update 

Clubs, teams and trainer can now set their own terms of use that the athletes have to accept.


Change colors for games and all other event types in calendar

Now you can change the colors of every type of event or session in the XPS calendar.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Better way to select athletes when dropping programs into their calendars

You can now see number of events in an Event Set in the Video Analyzer

New option in Settings: Include participation when copying team sessions within same group


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