What’s new in the recent XPS update


Our revamped support website is now fully incorporated into the XPS Trainer. In the Help tab you can browse or search for any question you might have from within the XPS window. In the Store tab we’ve also added our Twitter stream and a link to our new Webinar service, where you can sign up for online interactive training sessions.


  • Trainers can now give other trainers access to their Tests Collection, Information Collection, Playbook Plays, Food Collection, Statistics and Master Plans.
  • Trainers can now also give others special limited access to their Drills, Exercises, Documents, Programs, Tests, Information and Playbook Plays. In regards to clients, the Test and Information items also appear under Workspace > Tests and Information respectively.
  • Trainers can now give other trainers access to edit their collections. This includes the option of changing web content for drills, exercises and documents.

User Connections:

  • When trainers invite or change access for their clients and co-trainers, they can assign roles to their buddies. The roles replace the old Access Templates.
  • Co-trainers can now “Select Account” on the main toolbar. There they can choose their own account or the account of a colleague. The implications are that the filters of collections, modules and groups are focused on the selected trainer.


  • Communication: The Shared Statistics have been combined with the Shared Documents. It is now called “Shared by Trainer”.
  • Communication: Tests and Information Items can now be sent to the Shared Documents of clients.


  • The client/athlete name is included in the workout printout.
  • When viewing web content in a separate window on Microsoft Windows computers, CTRL+P can be used as a shortcut for printing.
  • On Mac computers, there are now gray lines separating cells on the workout plan.
  • Expired clients will now appear gray in the calendar.
  • The performance of User Management has been improved.

We are working on video tutorials that will give detailed examples of how you can use the powerful new features of sharing information with your clients and co-trainers. When the tutorials are ready, we’ll post them here on the blog as well as notify on Twitter.

A big thank you goes out to all of our XPS users. The features we’ve added in this release are all influenced by user feedback.

We look forward to an exiting new year and we wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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