“We want to create a big knowledge database” says new XPS member club Alligator Malans

Traditional Swiss floorball club is a multiple champion of the Swiss League and a several winner of the cup competition as well. The Alligators of Malans have its home in the Graub√ľnden canton, specifically in a small town called Meienfeld where they play their home games in Lust hall. Team is full of experienced players, young stars and also national team players, so it constantly has only the highest targets. We are happy to help Malans get to the top of Swiss floorball! Welcome to #XPSFAMILY!

We want to create a big knowledge database

Alligator’s sports director Thomas Hitz has clear plans with XPS involvement in the club: “The software is another part of the professionalization of Alligator Malans. We hope for a lot as a working tool for trainers and to bundle know-how and data.”

The club education chief Yves Mohr knows the strengths of the software and is already planning the best ways to use them: “The strengths of XPS are its versatility. From training planning to the exercise database, video analysis tool and player dossier. XPS offers the association the opportunity to develop digitally and to store a lot of data centrally, so that a large knowledge database is created, which advances the association. In the introductory phase, we mainly used the training planning tool with the option of sending your personalized individual training sessions directly to the app during Corona times. In the next phase we will build the knowledge base and introduce the video tool. Due to the enormous possibilities of XPS, we have to introduce the individual modules step by step.”

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