Updated XPS Network for clients and athletes!

The new athlete/client interfaces are ready!

We’re working hard on polishing and optimizing it so you will notice frequent updates during the next couple of months.

The Shared feature has not been added to the mobile apps yet. It will be added in the next few weeks. Also we have some major features that will be added to the whole web/mobile experience, a lot of focus on this area right now.

Thanks to everybody who gave feedback during the Beta testing. We haven’t finished all of the proposed improvements, but it’s being worked on.

Our goal has been to make the XPS as accessible as possible for the athlete/client. To accomplish this we now have provided these different ways:

iPhone / iPad / iPad Mini
Search for “xps network” on the App Store.

Android phones or tablets
If you have Android 4.4+ search for “xps network” on the Google Play Store.
If you have Android 4.0 – 4.3, click here:

Web client (on any computer)
Go to www.xpsnetwork.com

Desktop client (on any computer)
To install, go to www.sidelinesports.com and click SIGN IN in right corner.

Note: You need an athlete/client login to try this out. Is a trainer app on its way? You bet! 🙂

Note 2: Yes, Windows Phone app is planned as well. Just not ready quite yet. Web-app should work for Windows phones right now though.

Note 3: The old app, XPS Client, is still the app to use for tracking nutrition.

Questions or want to give feedback? Please send us an email to support@sidelinesports.com

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