SW Wiler-Ersigen is with us for 3 more years!

SW Wiler-Ersigen is a 12-times champion of the Swiss Unihockey league. They used to work with our software in the latest season, but just in the first male team. We just signed a new 3-year contract with Wiler and it includes XPS software to every single category in the whole club!

“Wiler has a big name in Switzerland and also in foreign countries, we are happy to be their partner”

Wiler uses XPS Network software for analyzing the matches, practice planning, evaluating the individual practices. Every category from the age U16 and higher have the XPS Analyzer and every player has also a PRO license. Coaches are able to share important documents, information, and videos with players.

Younger categories and especially their coaches will use XPS Network just for the practice planning and gathering the information.

We are amazed by how quickly the XPS Network is spreading around the world and how helpful is this software for all of you! Proud to have such a big XPS family!



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