Soccer Quebec uses XPS Network for high-performance programs, extending and expanding partnership

Soccer Quebec is the provincial federation and governing body for soccer in the Province of Quebec, one of the most popular sports in Canada.

Founded in 1911, the Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) is responsible for the promotion and long-term development of soccer in Quebec, in every form, and level. Soccer Quebec is Recognized by Canada Soccer and Sport Canada, part of the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canadian Heritage) as being one of the 13 provincial and territorial federations members of the Canadian Soccer Association, with the headquarters in Laval, Quebec. 

Soccer Quebec (QSF) oversees 18 regional associations across the province (Regional Soccer Associations (ARS)), which includes 160 clubs, with 170,000 members. QSF works with those 18 regions to continually promote the development of the sport, from supporting children’s and youth teams to professional-level clubs. 

As part of the continual development of the sport, youth players wanting to go professional can take part in the “Sport-Études” program, which was founded in 2012. This is a daily program operated by 17 of the 18 regional associations, combining academic success and sports development. Sport-Études ensures that over 3,000 players and 250 coaches across Quebec can develop as players and coaches full-time, giving many the option to turn professional. 


Soccer Quebec working with XPS Network

At present, the main program where XPS is being used is the PEF (women excel program). This program is regrouping the best 30 women athletes between 15 and 17 years old of the province. The program is there to help them reach the national youth teams of Canada Soccer. Soccer Quebec uses the XPS platform for every aspect of their daily player management, training content, and performance analysis.

Now the use of XPS Network is being rolled out across a wider range of programs to benefit thousands more players and coaches. In particular, every coach and player on the “Sport-Études” program (over 3,000 players and 250 coaches across Quebec) is going to be using XPS for management, training content, and performance analysis. While also benefiting from the full suite of XPS tools and solutions, such as messaging, the calendar, and video collection features. 


‘’XPS has been used by Soccer Quebec’s high-performance sports development programs, for professional players since 2018”, says Mike Vitulano, Director of Development for Soccer Quebec (QSF)

“In 2021, our goal was to extend the use of the platform to our regional associations operating the ‘’Sport-Études’’ programs. We want to standardize our tools and methods to create a more unified way of working, especially when it comes to the development of youth players. XPS will help us cooperate effectively and align our work with everyone involved in the development of players in the province”, said Mike Vitulano. 

“Using XPS across our regional programs ensures better communication and coordination, and a more efficient way to identify and track player progress in real-time. In addition, sharing data about players involved in different environments (clubs, regional programs and provincial programs) will be simplified, therefore helping us ensure a proper load management and injury prevention”, says Félix Sauvestre, Sports Science Coordinator for Soccer Quebec. 

“XPS helps us centralize all the information and provides the suite of tools we need for daily management of high-performance programs without having to juggle numerous apps and thousands of documents. We are more than happy to extend the use of it and make sure many more athletes and coaches across the province benefit from it” said Rudy Doliscat, Manager of Performance Programs, Soccer Quebec.


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