Sideline XPS Network Update – Release Notes

Summary of New Features:

  • Message Templates
  • Athlete folders and various other sharing changes.
  • Improved printing ability on Mac
  • New language translation – Portugese
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Read on for details and videos showing the new features!

New Feature – Message Templates:

As promised, something for personal trainers. And of course for all trainers who want to use the messaging system effectively.

Click here to see how it works.

New Feature – Athlete folders and other sharing changes:

We really made some major platform changes regarding sharing features and are quite happy with it now. With these changes in place in the platform, we have started working on what we feel is really important: Getting the shared files out to the athletes/clents onto their mobile devices (all of them). Stay tuned 🙂

Click here to see how it works.

New Feature – Improved printing ability on Mac:

You can now print out documents, exercises and drills on your Mac.

New Language Translation – Portuguese

With thanks and warm regards to the Portuguese Handball Federation. Next language translation on its way is Finnish.

The Sideline software is now translated to 12 different languages. If you feel your language is missing, let us know.
Click here to see where the languages are set.

Minor Changes:

  • A new date chooser is being tried out in session windows (meals, practices, games, workouts, golf rounds) and team attendance filter. Has next/previous year buttons.
  • Better PDF handling on Mac.
  • Better video player on Mac in exercise and document descriptions. Allows full-screen playing.

Bug Fixes:

  • Programs would sometimes disappear from Program Collection if they were opened in a workout window.
  • Print button is back in Playbook on Mac.
  • Sideline Video Analyzer: Attribute Dialog for trees is no longer too high on screens with low resolution.
  • Sideline Video Analyzer: Preview of clip should no longer leave text fields unfocusable on Mac (or make the Analyzer freeze).

And various other minor bug fixes. If there has been something that has bugged you, please check whether it has been fixed now. If not, let us know, but we really fixed a lot of small things that have been on the to-do list for awhile.

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