Sideline XPS Network – Release Notes

Here are some changes you’ll find in the most recent upgrade.

New Features

  • App for Athletes & Clients.
    We hope everybody saw the email we sent out about the new features available in the app for athletes and clients. If not, check out this video!video-vimeo-en-720
  • Click here to see a website link you can send to your athletes so they can take advantage of the new app.
  • Next up is an app for coaches and trainers. First version ready in November!

Fixes / Improvements

  • Added export functionality from Team Tests (column view): Copy to clipboard.
  • New translations for some languages including a very nice update to the Finnish translation (thanks Pieti!)
  • Web content should better fit small screens (like mobile phones).
  • Fixed: Insert Into Document didn’t work in the old playbook.
  • Trainer profile pictures are now shown in User Management.
  • The layout of information items for a focused athlete in Workspace-Information has been improved. Especially for long questionnaires.
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Sideline Video Analyzer Fixes / Improvements

  • French translation added.
  • Computers with less than 4 logical CPU cores now use them all when creating clips with drawings. Instead of all but one.
  • Merging videos from different files has been improved.
  • Send to Athlete: Much better progress messages when diagrams are included.
  • When including drawings during Merge or Cut Clips, there’s a new button on the progress window to be able to continue working: “Run in background”.
  • Users on Windows 7 or later now get a warning when trying to save cuts and merges directly on root of C-hard drive (C:\). Because the Windows OS will not allow this.
  • Fixed: Users could not import formulas unless they were in level 3.
  • Fixed: Jumping in player didn’t work on some macs.
  • Fixed: Autosave was not working if the program was exited with open event set windows.
  • Fixed formula event window width issue in some formulas that use non-list-based athlete selection.
  • Fixed defect: Formula event window falling behind the video on Mac.
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hope you enjoy the additions and changes.

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