Sideline XPS Network – Release Notes

A lot of work being done after a great summer 🙂  Here are some changes you’ll find in the most recent upgrade.

New Features

  • Sideline Video Analyzer – You can now draw on video events in View-Clips mode.
  • Sideline Video Analyzer – When viewing events in matches you don’t have edit access to (for example from services that analyze matches for you, like Video Registration), you can now input your own personal comment or your own personal drawing on them.
  • Note: Regarding the draw on video feature, here are instructions on how to use it:
    Draw on video: Click here to see how it works!
    Windows users: Click here for instructions on how to enable the feature.


  • If only one group is checked in calendar month view, the name of the practice is shown instead of the name of the group.
  • When viewing practices in day or week view, the label of the practice is shown above the notes.
  • Playbook: Diagram descriptions is now included when inserting diagrams into documents.
  • When trainers are inviting new athletes, it’s now checked if they have a basic player with the same name (so they upgrade that player if it’s the same person).
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Sideline Video Analyzer Fixes

  • The key “T” or “t” is now a shortcut to change teams when the keyboard focus is in the team combobox in a event formula window.
  • Event sets can now be restored from a backup. See File->Restore in such a window.
  • CTRL+Enter is now a shortcut for the maximize/restore buttons in the new MP4 video player.
  • It’s now possible to tag in maximized window mode on Mac (pressing the green plus button or using CTRL+Enter keyboard shortcut). But still not when pressing the recently introduced native entire-screen button.
  • Reduced timeout when querying server about changes to games. Users on slow networks were experiencing some “hanging” of the software.
  • Fixed the way Full-screen mode works on Windows when using the new MP4 player.
  • Fixed formula event window width issue in some formulas that use non-list-based athlete selection.
  • Fixed defect: Formula event window falling behind the video on Mac.

Hope you enjoy the additions and changes.

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