Sideline XPS Network – Release Notes

There’s a lot going on that we’re really excited about right now! Let’s begin with an announcement:

We are looking for sales representatives!

  • Do you love Sideline XPS and want to help us introduce it to more coaches, clubs or personal trainers?
  • We are looking for sales representatives in countries outside of Scandinavia and Germany. We are also looking for regional sales representatives in the United States. Please send an email to if you are interested and want more information.

New Features

  • Sideline Video Analyzer – Draw on video – See how it works!
    Note: This is an early release for this feature we’ve worked on for awhile. Please give us feedback.
    Windows users: Click here for instructions on how to enable the feature (early access).
  • Huge improvement in User Management
    5 new sections in User Management – Much better overview and ability to manage access.
    Access to User Management can now be given to co-trainers.
  • License overview and management
    Much better overview and management of purchased licenses in a new Subscription section under My Account.
  • Translations of included exercises
    All exercises are now also available in German and Norwegian translations (as well as in Swedish and English).


  • The Replace Exercise operation has been improved.
  • Settings in the Import Test Results from Excel window are now stored between imports, making it more user-friendly.
  • When pasting a selection in calendar and grid programs, empty days before the first session are now included.
  • Workout window: The Delete keyboard shortcut now applies to all selected exercises/comments.
  • When inserting animations into documents, a video is automatically included.
  • Fixed defect: Percentages could not be written in exercise sets on some Macs.
  • Attendance export: Ratios are now exported to the clipboard with the percentage sign.
  • Drills inside conventional practice plans can now be copy and pasted.
  • Radar Chart Tests can now be copied.
  • Collection Trees: Some enhancements in memorizing expansion during work.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Sideline Video Analyzer Fixes

  • CTRL+V (CMD+V on Mac) is now a keyboard shortcut to Paste in the event set table.
  • More than 20 clips can now be merged together.
  • Fixed defect in Event Set: Unwelcome horizontal scrolling when moving rows up or down.
  • Fixed defect: When events or matches were on the clipboard, you would just have to click an event set to add them.
    Original complaint: When you view events from a copied match the events are duplicated.

Hope you enjoy the additions and changes.

Please send feeback to We really appreciate it.

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