Sideline XPS Network – Release Notes

Time for an update! But first some news…

  • We’re almost finished with a complete overhaul of the athlete/client experience.
  • After about 2 weeks we will be looking for Beta testers, yes Android too!
  • At the same time we’ll advertise positions for sales representatives in various locations.
If you’re interested in any of this, don’t miss the announcement – follow us on Twitter.

New Features

  • Retina Ready on Mac – Requires a redownload from
    Note: Even Mac users who don’t have Retina screens should download this update
    Note 2: Since the XPS Trainer will get a major facelift later this year, icons were not updated
  • Periodization now also works in calendar (for generated programs).
  • Replace exercises in workout programs and calendar – See how it works!
  • Radar Chart Tests available for awhile but unknown to most – See how it works!
    (you can find a link with instructions at the end of the introductions video)
  • Use templates when creating new collection items – See how it works!
  • Export data from Attendance by copying to clipboard – See how it works!


  • Folders in collections sometimes closed automatically
  • Empty cells can now be double-clicked to add missing values in radar charts
  • Using “Click to select” should work for all entries when importing test results
  • Generated workouts from program blocks would not always be in correct order
  • Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Italian translations have been updated

Sideline Video Analyzer Fixes

  • Many small fixes on Mac, especially regarding 2-screen mode
  • It was not possible to save cuts and merges to an external drive on Mac
  • Some users were not able to import from standard formulas

Hope you enjoy the additions and changes.

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