Sideline XPS Network – Release Notes

Time for an update!

New Features:

  • Share material down to iPhones / iPads – See how it works!
  • Side-by-side feature in Workout Programs – See how it works!
  • Periodization feature in Workout Programs – See how it works!
  • Merge feature in Workout Programs – When you generate programs you can choose to merge together different workout “parts”.
  • “Less is better” in Exercise Properties test links – For example when you want to be able to write 80% for a sprint which means your client should run slower than his/hers max.
  • Updated help tutorials – Check out the Help / Level 2 / Level 3 tabs under My Account

Minor Changes:

  • CTRL+W/E collapses/expands folders in collections. (CMD + W/E on Mac)
  • Magnifier-button on the bottom bar of workout programs enable larger tooltips similar to the Overview.
  • Workout programs can now be copied between users if they only contain public exercises (the ones included in the XPS).
  • Game-Exchange server has been upgraded. Will mean faster uploads and downloads for most users.
  • Performance improvements when loading drill, exercise and document collections.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed defect in browser module on Mac which caused random crashes.
  • SVA: Fixed some illogical behavior when changing events while things are playing.
  • Various other minor bug fixes.

Hope you enjoy the additions and changes. Please let us know what you think or if you have questions by sending us email to or We really appreciate all feedback.

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