XPS Development: State of affairs

Here’s a quick update on what we’re currently working on and what is planned for the near future regarding Sideline XPS.

What we have been working on is the following:

Fixing bugs
– Ongoing process, we try to fix all bugs users report right away (which means they are added in the next release after they were reported).

Perfomance improvements
– We have had reports from users with a lot of clients who have problems with their User Management section on Macs, this is being fixed and the fix will be released soon.

Better support
– We’ve started using a new ticketing system to keep track of all user support cases.
– We’ve created a new support website for the XPS Trainer, it will soon be included in the XPS itself, but you can take a sneak peek here: www.sidelinesports.com/support/xpstrainer

Better user feedback
– As you can see, we’re starting to blog and will soon start to use Twitter to get information out to you as well.

New features (finished)
– Special client credits for high-school environments. These credits are more restrictive in order to protect the students from for example cyber-bullying.
– You can now drag-n-drop exercises and drills onto practice plans and workouts. Of course double-clicking is faster, but for new users it’s good to have the drag-n-drop feature.
– Match Report feature for the soccer coaches out there. We’ll add a special blog post soon with a better introductions to this feature.

New features (currently in development)
– More possibilites with account permissions. For example, in the XPS Trainer, you will be able to connect to another trainer (who’s part of your team) and give him access to edit your account. Right now you can only give view permissions.
– More possibilites with defining Roles for different sets of clients. The Role can then decide what files are being shared and so on.
– Ice Hockey and Lacrosse Playbook (the new playbook that is, of course the old version still works).
– The iPhone App! Ok, we can hear the question (when, when, when)…. what about in December 🙂
– The Android App! (soon after the iPhone app).

And what comes after that? What’s next?
Well, that’s up to you! Please let us know what you find most important, maybe some of the features are already there and we can point it out, but it’s very important for us to get feedback on what you find important, it has a lot to say in our decision-making on the next features.

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