Rob Newson: “It’s about the people who play the game, not the game itself.”

XPS HUB – The Story Behind the Coach is back with a second episode! This time we have invited a great basketball coach Rob Newson who has vast coaching experience from UK, Iceland, Vietnam and Hong Kong where he was working as a Manager of Basketball Operations for NBA Asia.

The second episode carries a title “It’s about the people who play the game, not the game itself.” and as its name says, Rob has been talking a lot about the importance of mindfulness, creativity, self-awareness and many mental aspects of player development. Are you interested in Rob’s views of “Fundamentals of Success” or the 3 key pillars of his coaching philosophy? Make sure you don’t miss the second XPS HUB episode! 


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0:45 | New project Kairos Performance, its impact on basketball community and all areas of life, targeting young athletes

6:00 | Manager of Basketball Operations for NBA Asia, implementing new development programmes in SEA countries

9:31 | Global coaching experience – Hong Kong, Vietnam, Iceland, UK – the game being the same no matter where you are coaching

12:37 | Importance of Iceland challenge, coaching and personal mind shift

17:26 | The difference of age categories and and why early teenage years are his favorite

19:02 | Why coaching?

21:30 | Coaching influencers, the game being mainly about the people

25:30 | On fatherhood changing his mentality, on coaching during pandemic

27:40 | Influence of his father and cousin on his coaching

30:15 | Coaching philosophy: Connection, growth, discovery

32:25 | Fundamentals of success: Creativity, self-awareness, strength, deep practice

34:02 | Developing the mental side of a player, meditation = deep practice, observing without judgement, being present in the moment

37:30 | Importance of creativity, letting the player being present

38:40 | On the starting point and reasons of seeing the game this way

42:00 | Team culture

43:30 | Future goals and plans


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