REPLAY: Planning, Organisation and Analysis with XPS

Shortly after a very interesting webinar with Tiago Oliveira, who was talking about Performance analysis of Handball Team Portugal, we are happy to introduce another exciting guest to our XPS Webinar series!

One of the greatest XPS users and an inspiring basketball coach Boris Balibrea – coaching in Umeå BSKT and Swedish National Team – has shared his valuable experience from working with XPS Network in the areas of Planning, Organisation and Video Analysis.


Webinar timestamps

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0:01 | Introduction

1:03 | Organisation in XPS Calendar

5:21 | XPS Collections & Drills Database

8:23 | XPS Collections & Individual player feedback

12:18 | Evaluations & Athlete Profile overview

16:24 | Game Navigator and tagging in XPS Analyzer

20:47 | Tagging formulas for Video Analysis

27:20 | Specific game analysis (example)

30:38 | Sharing tagged events with players

32:30 | XPS Presenter


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