Reduce miscommunication with players: keep things simple

Coaches and players are constantly busy. When people are busy, with a lot going on, it can be too easy for miscommunication to happen. 

As communication is absolutely essential in sports, coaches need to avoid misunderstanding and cross wires as much as possible. 

On any given day, a coach will be talking to, emailing, messaging, and meeting with numerous players, or the whole team, managers, training, development staff, and any third-parties involved with the club. 


Why does miscommunication happen in sports teams? 

In a sports team or club, miscommunication can happen fairly easily. And this sort of thing causes problems. Especially when team members aren’t communicating very well, or players don’t understand what a coach expects of them. 

Either this is down to a failure of understanding, something not being explained well enough, and an athlete not asking for clarification. Or at times, players think they know best, and so disregard something that’s been said. 

However, at the same time, simple mistakes and misunderstandings always happen. Especially when everyone is busy. Full-time players in higher-league teams usually have other commercial interests going on, alongside families and busy social lives. 

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In teams where players also have jobs, they have more than enough to occupy their time, which means they’ve got less availability to dedicate to training and competitive games. 

Misunderstandings can cost games. Cost points, and cause problems between coaches and team members, and players on the field, both in training and in competitive games. This could be as simple but still problematic as a player not understanding what a coach is asking of them. Or more damaging, whereby two or more players aren’t working together effectively in a match, potentially costing a team a game. 


Keep sports team communications simple

Simple is always better than complicated. 

Keeping everyone on the same page, using the same platform, is easier than dozens of communication channels confusing every issue. 

With XPS Network, coaches across over 2,000 teams and clubs around the world use Messages — our chat features to — share drills, documents, forms, videos, tests, and more, with your players to stay in contact on a single platform. 

That way, regardless of how else you communicate with players, you can be sure everything is in the same place. Alongside Messages, there’s Session Planner, Builder, and Templates. 

Use these features to plan everything, and then with Messages, stay in contact with every player on the team and everyone else involved. Alongside other XPS features, such as XPS Analyzer, Playbook and Collections, you can more easily explain to players what they need to work on, and give them the ability to take ownership of their own training and development. 

When coaches keep communication simple, you can more easily and efficiently avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings. All of this will benefit the performance of individual players and the whole team. 

Empower your coaches, get more organized, and start using a solution that will help you take athlete performance to the next level. Start a Free Trial Today, or see how XPS Network is everything coaches need, in every sport.




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