Presentation Builder Update!

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on the Presentation Builder! We have fixed a lot of bugs, improved performance and added some new features.

You can now insert diagrams and animations straight from the Playbook as shown in the image below.

The last thing we’re adding before release is the ability to draw on clips straight in the PB. Hopefully ready in a week!

If anyone wants to test it this week, go ahead, it’s not officially released, but we’ve added it to all accounts.

Below are good tips and please give us more feedback and reports bugs if you find any.

Thanks again!

Presentation Builder Video Tutorial – It’s only a few minutes, we really recommend you watch it through:

Good shortcuts to know about

  • Spacebar is Play/Pause
  • W and E jump between items on video track
  • CMD+Z / CMD+Shift+Z is Undo/Redo ( CTRL on Windows)
  • If you write a dash “-” in text boxes, it will be replaced with bullets
  • Holding SHIFT down while dragging with mouse on video clips moves or “pushes” all clips
  • When you have a gap on the video track timeline (empty gray area), you can double-click on it to remove the gap

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