How can you encourage players to take responsibility for their own development?

As a coach, you need to do everything possible to manage, maintain and improve the performance of players. Everyone can do better. Even elite athletes. 

You can tell a player how they need to improve. That’s often helpful. But it doesn’t always solve every problem or ensure mistakes aren’t repeated. 

So if telling doesn’t work, perhaps showing will? 

Often showing athletes and players makes a difference when it comes to improving performance and ultimately outcomes when competing against other teams. 

Hence the almost universal use of videos and video analysis software across every sport. It’s not only helpful, it’s essential in coaching, no matter the type of sport or level players and teams are at. 

If players can sit back and watch their performance — whether in a competitive game, a friendly or training session — then they can think about how to make changes. What to do differently. How to improve. 


Why do players need to take ownership of development? 

However, as most coaches know, this isn’t something every player does. Or at least, not every player or athlete does consistently. And that can cause problems. 

In any sport, a lack of self-reflection, introspection and self-awareness can damage performance, players and teams. Even in the best players, those who are too sure of themselves and fail to take responsibility for their own development can ultimately do more harm than good, for themselves and their teams. 

Once a player takes ownership of their own development, then they can truly improve performance. This often doesn’t happen if a coach is talking a player through a performance issue — usually using videos and stats — and they’re just listening, but not taking it in. Not making changes where and when it counts. 

Athletes do this for a number of reasons. Either they don’t fully understand how to overcome a particular problem. Or they don’t feel something is enough of an issue to deal with properly. Sometimes this is because of a certain amount of arrogance or overconfidence, especially when a player is strong in a whole number of other areas. 

This is how Basketball Immersion coaches take care of player’s development at College Basket:


How can players and athletes take ownership of their development? 

Self-development is crucial, in every sport, for players at every level. 

Players who take ownership of this aspect of their training usually perform better and more consistently than those that don’t. 

Taking ownership means a number of different things. Naturally a key part of that is a player doing the work with coaches and other training professionals. But beyond that, it means a coach encouraging and requiring a player to review their own performance. 

Get a player to review their recorded performance, stats, and other data, which can be easily arranged using XPS Network. A whole number of features — such as XPS Analyzer, XPS Playbook, Collections, Athlete Information, and Training Overview Statistics — will help coaches take greater ownership of their development. 

Alongside equipping them with the right tools, you need to ensure they have adopted the right mindset. Taking ownership means accepting any faults, flaws and mistakes. It means listening, and taking onboard feedback. Even more important than that, it means being self-reflective, and using all of the information and everything a coach is saying to review, reflect and make the sorts of changes needed that will improve performance. 

Taking ownership isn’t always easy. It can be a challenging road before a player takes full ownership. And this takes nothing away from the role of coaches and training staff either. If anything, with the right mindset and tools it makes a coaches job easier, because players who take ownership usually become better players, and that benefits the whole team. 

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