New XPS Partner! Esport Oilers Floorball

Finnish floorball giant Esport Oilers is the newest addition to our XPS Family!

The leading Finnish floorball club Esport Oilers continues to improve their player development system with the help of XPS Network. The whole club will start using the coaching platform to help in organizing information, planning, communicating and analyzing data. Esport Oilers is the first Finnish floorball club that will start using XPS Network.

,,XPS Network has proved its value for these requirements.”

“We have been looking for an all-inclusive and flexible tool for planning practices and training, analyzing games and the holistic development of our athletes. During our testing, XPS Network has proved its value for these requirements. Our coaches and heads of coaching will use the platform for planning and analyzing of all the practices in the whole club. In the youth and elite levels, we will analyze the games more effectively which helps us immensely to develop our players with the help of the data acquired from the analyses,” Esport Oilers club manager Jouni Vehkaoja says.

Oilers implements the coaching platform during the spring so that the professional tools can be used straight away when the coaches plan the upcoming season.

,,XPS Network helps with onboarding new people to how the club operates.”

“XPS Network is going to help our coaches to systematically and thinking long-term make their plans according to our coaching system. With the platform, the coach can easily create and share macrocycles as well as single practice sessions for the whole coaching staff. When the practices are systematically planned it is easy for us to get the information of what has been to focus on and that the training is age specific according to our system,” Esport Oilers Head of Coaching Henry Myyryläinen says.

“From the sports club perspective, it is essential, that all the information that is collected stays in the club despite who is coaching. It is easier for instance for new coaches who come to Oilers to quickly get familiar with how we do things here. Before it was typical that if a coach or head of coaching change clubs he took his laptop and folders with him and all the information amassed during their years in the club would disappear. With XPS Network this doesn’t happen. All the data and information that has been collected and created stays with the club and helps with onboarding new people to how the club operates,” Myyryläinen states.

It is a pleasure for Sideline Sports team to have Esport Oilers onboard and we trust in a long-term partnership between us! Welcome!


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