New Features in XPS Playbook!

We’ve worked hard on both small and big features in the Playbook.

Click on the links below to see short videos about each feature. We hope you enjoy it!

New features

New fields and courts

New signs

You need to open your Sign Library and make the new collections “Available”
Click here to see how

  • Jersey signs, different types
  • Badge Circles, different types
  • New tilted badge signs for use on 3d/perspective fields
  • Basketball/indoor jerseys
  • Customizable Circle and Triangle Signs
  • CircleSigns with “arms”
  • Wheelchair icons
  • Goals for Floorball


  • Better quality with a lot of signs, especially number signs
  • Better quality when exporting images, printing and saving PDFs
    • Note 1: Saving as PDF and printing the PDF file usually gives best quality (better quality than printing directly)
    • Note 2: If you’re exporting pictures it can be better to zoom to big pictures before exporting, 200% for example
  • New “horseshoe” line type
  • Goals and similar signs rotate with fields/courts when it’s appropriate
  • New ice hockey rinks variations (without goals)
  • Ability to change text on added text signs
  • Lot’s of other small bug-fixes and enhancements

We hope you enjoy this update! As always, keep giving us great feedback to

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