New Feature! Presentation Builder is Ready!

Here is a tutorial that shows in less than 7 minutes everything you can do. It’s fast tempo but just watch through it once and then you know everything you need about how to create presentations.

This release is a version 1.0 of the Presentation Builder module. This means we have plans for more features later and welcome your feedback. Also if you find bugs, please report them as they will be fixed immediately. You can send all comments to

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the Beta-release!

We created the Presentation Builder to provide coaches with a user-friendly and simple way to combine video clips with slides, captions, drawings and animations. We feel like we succeeded and hope you feel the same and enjoy the feature!

  • Easy presentations
    Assemble your video clips, drawings and animations. Drag them around, add text and adjust. Press the Undock button and put your presentation on the big screen.
  • Adjust length of clips
    Make any video clip shorter or longer with a simple drag. Great for everyone that gets tagging from video services like Video Registration, Opta or Wyscout or imports from SportsCode.
  • Autogenerate labels
    Have labels or comments in your tagging you want to show on your video clips? For example play names in basketball or something similar in other sports. Now you can!
  • Import slides or images
    You can make simple slides and bullets in Presentation Builder and you can also import anything you create in Powerpoint or Keynote.
  • Duplicate clips
    And slow down the replay. A much requested feature that we are happy to provide now.

And more features, try it out!

  • Combine different media
    You are not limited to using video clips from the Video Analyzer. Drag and drop any MP4 video or images from your desktop for use in your presentations.
  • Voiceover feature
    Add a voiceover before sharing video presentation with players.
  • Export and Share
    Share with players, straight to their mobile devices. You can also export the presentation as a video to use outside of XPS.

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