Ness Ziona Handball signed as XPS grows in Israel!

We are delighted to welcome the Israel handball club Ness Ziona Tigers into the XPS family! It’s one of the biggest and most ambitious handball organisations in the country and we can’t wait to see the impact XPS will have on their development!

Ness Ziona will use XPS mainly for organising all their teams and the coaching staffs and their plan is to build a big drill collection for everyone to use. XPS Analyzer and the Athlete Profile are also among the features that the Israeli club is planning to use frequently. 


Long-term training plans monitoring 

“We’re using XPS for both group and individual video analysis to get a high-level feedback and develop our players. The coaches can use XPS Collections with drills library according to the training plan and the specific skills we want to develop. Our players can then watch all these drills in their XPS phone app and be ready for the trainings”, says Kfir Deri, Sports Director of Ness Ziona Tigers.  

“As a sports director XPS allows me to follow up with the coaching staff and check their long-term training plans. Whether it’s attacking or defensive play, I can monitor everything they do and that way improve our club training process.”


Big step forward for club level Israeli Handball

“It’s a big step forward for Sideline Sports in Israeli club handball. After signing the 3-year deal with the Israeli handball federation, Tigers are the first organisation to start using XPS on a club level.

It’s a nice bonus for the onboarding process of Ness Ziona that Kfir Deri is working with XPS Network in our federation and understands the benefits of the software. Now I’m excited that other handball clubs want to follow Ness Ziona Handball and start implementing XPS into their structure as well.”Dvir Goldshtein, Country Manager for Israel




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