Improve collaboration between coaches and teams

Coaches rarely stay with teams and clubs for more than a few seasons. 

No matter where your team is in the league, there are advantages to gaining new insights, new leadership and a fresh perspective after a few seasons. 

In the NFL, the average tenure is 4.3 seasons. Whereas, in the MLB, the average tenure is 3.7 seasons. In the British Premier League and other football leagues, the average number of seasons is 3.0, according to Business Insider

When it comes to managerial tenure, with the rare exception of Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger — who stayed 22 seasons (from 1996–2018) — most managers don’t have as long in the job. 


Why short tenures impact team collaboration 

However, these short tenures have a negative impact on collaboration and the intellectual muscle memory of a team. Sports clubs need to retain knowledge, tactics and new ideas that coaches bring to the table. 

What usually happens when a new coach comes in is they make changes. Bring a fresh perspective. Implement the changes they need to make, and then are judged on the success or failures of the team. Whether a team goes up or down, improves or falters, and the way that impacts fans and overall club revenues. 

Unfortunately when a coach leaves — either because they’ve been headhunted by another team — they usually take ideas, knowledge and tactics with them. This weakens teams, causing knowledge and tactical deficits. When knowledge walks out of the door, it means that the next coach needs to start from scratch. 

Although every coach prefers to bring their own ideas and tactics to the table, starting from scratch isn’t helpful either. It means that lessons learned from previous seasons are lost, and can be forgotten. What teams need is to ensure that this knowledge is retained. 

This is how Alex Sarama from Basketball Immersion works on a long-term basis with his players at College Basket:


How can knowledge be retained? 

One of the most effective ways is to use XPS Network. Over 2,000 teams and clubs use it to record and upload everything from training videos, session plans, and collections of videos and other annotated insights. 

Instead of outgoing coaches taking all of that knowledge with them, it can be kept on the platform and therefore within the club. It would also be useful for managers to be encouraged to share and collaborate. 

With XPS, coaches use this as a tool that ensures this knowledge can be retained within the club that appoints them. So even when tenures are short, every insight, idea and tactic can be kept with the team and all of the players are going to benefit, for the short and long-term. 


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