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EHOS: Nice online experience for XPS Network

In the past three days, we have proudly participated the first ever Europea…

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Server upgrade at 22:00 CET / 5 PM EST: App and desktop version under maintenance

Today/tonight at 5pm EST / 22:00 CET we are moving our platform to a much s…

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European Handball Online Summit starts today and XPS Network will be there!

We are delighted to announce that XPS Network will be a part of this year’s…

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Volleyball Echternach: “The athletes now have autonomy to perform their conditioning work individually.”

We are delighted to announce another very traditional club into our volleyb…

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New Covid-19 forms | Daily updates from all your athletes!

Thanks to our newest feature coaches and teams are now able to send out Cov…

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XPS in numbers: Milestone of 1500 clubs reached!

XPS Network as we know it was founded in 2001 as the main product of the Si…

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