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XPS joins esports with Czech Entropiq! Our first professional esports customer

We are excited to announce that we have signed our first professional espor…

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XPS Stories: BR Volleys Strength & Conditioning with XPS

Another XPS Story is here! Check out how S&C coach Timo Kirchenberger u…

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12 national teams in #Egypt2021 use XPS

We are really proud to announce that 12 out of total 32 national teams atte…

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WHC 21 | XPS Network analyses all matches including playoffs for you!

Apart from being the complete and most powerful software solution for clubs…

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Open your XPS present: New Analyzer Feature

XPS Santa is here! Check out the new drawing effect in XPS Presentations. I…

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Watch this | XPS Webinar: Best way to get started!

Follow XPS Instagram xpsnetwork 🖥️ #XPSWebinar 🇵🇹 Tiago Oliveira from 🏀 Che…

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