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Ljubomir Vranjes: “Know your ‘WHY’ and the titles will come!”

XPS HUB – The Story Behind the Coach is back with a third episode! This tim…

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Danish Football Association (DBU) signs again for a 3-year extension with XPS Network

We are delighted to announce that the Danish Football Association (DBU) — a…

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New Drawing Interface in your XPS Analyzer!

  New Drawing Interface | Time Stamps 0:10 | Opening the new drawing i…

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Smart clipping, spotlight and presets! New Presenter drawing tools tutorial is out!

In this tutorial: Get into your preferred topic with one click! 1:30 | Shor…

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SCA London | The Story of XPS Revolution

SCA London is one of the most complete users of the XPS Network. The Academ…

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XPS Finland | 13 medalists in Finnish top tiers!

This season has been very specific in many ways throughout all sports. The…

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