61 Scandinavian football clubs signed in 2020 despite pandemic!

Our Scandinavian country managers have been really busy in 2020 despite the global Covid-19 pandemic. We bring you a summary of the football additions to #XPSFAMILY in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. We have managed to sign 61 new XPS users in the space of 1 year and we hope the number will continuously grow in the following year 2021. 



15 football clubs signed 

Ballerup-Skovlunde Fodbold

“We at BSF use XPS to streamline our planning and communication. As the Head of Coaching, XPS allows me to easily perform the tasks that DBU requires for its club license. And it gives our coaches the tools to create, share, and store both team and individual sessions. In the coming months we’ll implement the player-readiness & player-load features which will significantly improve our coaches’ ability to monitor their players health and tailor practice sessions accordingly.”

– Phil Nielsen, Head of Coaching 


Næsby Boldklub

“We started using XPS Network because we wanted to digitalise our work with the talents – we are more than satisfied with the collaboration and to this day we use XPS for pretty much everything from video analysis, training planning, exercises, individual training up till physical training etc. XPS is also a fantastic tool for us in terms of data and statistics and in general it fully lives up to the requirements of our national football association for us as a licensed club. We are very satisfied.”

– Joachim Schødts, Talentchef & Head of Coaching 



11 football clubs signed 


Mjällby AIF

“Mjällby AIF has been using XPS for many years especially for video analysis and creating training plan structure. Now we have taken the next step to improve the process of player development and we have started using XPS in the entire academy. We want to gather all the valuable development data in one place where coaches and players can later work with the various parameters together. That way players can see their own development and be involved in the direct feedback. XPS Network is a great and complex tool with endless possibilities to build exactly what we need in Mjällby AIF.”

Stefan Ekstrand, Talent Developer



28 football clubs signed 


Øvrevoll Hosle ILFotball 

XPS is a tool that helps us grow and get stronger as a club. There are many platforms for creating and planning exercises, but what gives us the extra dimension with XPS is the good system for individual follow-up and feedback. It is a great communication tool for coaches and players where we can store a well structured content that makes it possible for us to monitor our growth and development. When pushing limits as our best players do, it is important to match the effort with a well working platform to have control over the total load. XPS is exactly that!

Bjørn Frode Strand, Sports Director 


Viking Damer 

“XPS is an invaluable tool for me as a medical coordinator and physical trainer in Viking FK women team. XPS makes it easy to monitor and control the training load of each player with readiness and RPE. This way we have good control over the players no training too much and not too little to achieve exactly the right level of progression. We can already see that the effect of a well done monitoring increases performance on the football field and reduces the risk of injury to a minimum.”

Tarald Sørenes, Club Physio  




5 football clubs signed 


HIFK Fotboll 

“HIFK Soccer has used XPS Network during the last season with our first team and we wanted to expand its use also into the quickly growing junior department. I strongly believe that XPS is the most versatile and useful coaching platform that allows us to implement our coaching curriculum into our junior teams. With XPS our coaches have all the tools they need to work professionally with player development. The ability to analyse videos and share clips with players is fantastic. The easy to use drawing tools in Playbook along with diagrams and animations are essential in creating drills that reflect our coaching philosophy in HIFK.”

– Olli Orvasto, technical director






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